Choose Your Builder Wisley

Experience. Look for a builder with more than academic experience. A builder who knows the tools and materials from hands on experience. As with all thing in  life ~ "all builders are not created equal".

Concept to Completion with a builder able to manage your project in house. To take your vision and fashion it into stunning project is a complex undertaking. If your drawings are being farmed out the cost of changes can be astronomical.. You may find advantage with a design build company.

Can your builder manage changes after the building licence has been issued. The answer is probably yes - but at what cost. Attention to detail, close supervision and a willingness to be flexible. These are features that are not in a building contract. Your research should lead you to a builder with a track record of going beyond the contract.

Home building is a big issue. For many it's there with births, marriages, divorce and death. To enter into a contract that carries this level of importance you need to be sure. You need to have confidence and you need to have trust. Your home is not some product on a supermarket shelf it is a representation of your vision in life. When you find that special builder you will gain the confidence to entrust something of such value. Find a builder that respects and honours that trust.

Value for money. Be wise and be cautious. Buy one and get one free does not work in home building. Minimum cost per square meter does not work in home building. One size fits all does not work for discriminating individuals. Value for money works for every one. 

The minimum build today 6 stars. Find a builder that is able to design sustainable whilst firmly focused on your budget. Passive design elements, solar hot water and PV systems will help you smash the energy costs now and the benefits will be there for decades to come. Just as energy cost's are rising year on year a house with the right design principles that go beyond the minimum six star rating your home will become a prized asset. If you are are climate sceptic or climate change believer there is one thing on which both points of view stand. Energy costs will rise year on year into the future for this generation and the next generation and probably the one after that.

After all your researching you might find that PPCM are your perfect building partner. Maybe we can take your vision and together produce a stunning home that is absolutely tailored to you life style.

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