Where and how to start? This has always been the hard question.

We have a simple solution ~ It starts with coffee. We just need to chat. 

Your place or ours even at your favorite coffee place is good.


No pressure ~ No sales pitch. No surprises and no ambushes.

To commission a designer for your dream home is an exercise in trust. For a designer to meet your expectation requires understand the client's expectations.

To marry your dream home expectations to a real world budget is the goal.

And it all starts with a coffee with no consultation fees or surprises.


To actively listen is a real art. So we make a big effort to listen to your ideas, expectations and importantly your limitations. We all have budgets.

Very few people can have what they want in life without a compromise somewhere. So we listen to fully understand what your dream home vision is. Can you articulate your vision easily ~ some can. Others will explain their lifestyle expectations. Either way we listen. 


PS: were listening right now for your call

Do you have ideas about your dream home? That is good ~ in fact that is very good!. Some people know what they want others know the lifestyle they would like to achieve. So when it comes to ideas they can be inspirational ~ practical ~ even not doable.

That's ok. That is the beginning of design. The resulting mind image or imagined lifestyle are important stepping stones to understanding expected outcomes vs the real world outcomes.  


Don't stop thinking ~ it's bad for you!!

It's the flow of ideas that forms the background of expectations. There are many things to think about. 

  • Home size
  • Orientation for solar access
  • Energy use: energy costs will continue to rise.
  • Sustainable building practices.
  • Build for lifestyle vs build for investment.

This could be a very long list but you get the idea. Building a house is not just about number of rooms and room sizes and it's not just about lifestyle or energy use. In the world today we have the means to balance all of these issues even if some of these ideas clash we can still strike a balance.

This is your dream home so you get to strike the balance.


Oh Dear!! Who said it's for free. It's a great marketing gimmick ~ buy one and get one free.

Free hot water ~ Free solar panels ~ free white goods ~ free carpet!!!

We are all grown up's here right. So the only thing that is free is the coffee and advice.

What is not free is good quality old fashioned service married with value for money. 

Value for money will be seen in the outcome. When we  capture your vision  and it's converted to a design outcome ~ That is value for money.

Free or not free? That is not relevant ~ Value for money is the only measure.



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